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24 February, 2014
Signing of contract for Albania
StroyMehanika LTD signed the contract with a company ALART shpk, Albania.
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December 5, 2013
Supply of equipment to Nigeria

"StroyMehanika" LTD signed the contract with a Nigerian company "KINGSDALE MULTI-RESOURCES LIMITED" for supply of machinery on "Sistrom" technology.
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October 25, 2013
Delivery of equipment to Nigeria
"StroyMechanika" LTD and company "Dunamis Manufacturing Enterprises" signed the sales contract for supply of industrial equipment by "Sistrom" technology to Nigeria.
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Forced-action concrete mixer SCAUT 750 TURBO
Improved model

Forced-action concrete mixers SCAUT 750M Turbo by the production of machine building plant "Stroymechanika" is a batch concrete machine intended to make mortars with aggregate size up 40 mm. The concrete mixers SCAUT 750 M TURBO suits ideally to prepare hard molding mixes with low water content and high admixtures content (pigments).

Forced-action concrete mixer SCAUT 750 TURBO is a machine with fixed bowl and rotary activator. The special characteristic of the concrete mixer is SCAUT 750 TURBO is an activator, developed by the engineering department of the enterprise. The design of the activator allows to prepare concrete mix of high quality within short period of time. The blade rotary activator with the possibility to adjust working clearance of paddles and blades outreach provides the qualitative mixing of mix components not leaving unmixed areas. At mixing speed and quality of ready mix the concrete mixer SCAUT 750 TURBO is close to the planetary machines with low weight and overall dimensions.

Operation of the concrete mixer SCAUT 750 TURBO:
The measured components of the concrete mix are loaded into the tank of the concrete mixer in which the blade rotary activator rotates, by means of the belt conveyor, skip hoist or manually. The quality of the concrete mix or building solution can change even within one batch if to take samples from different areas of the concrete mixer's bowl in case if the work of the concrete mixer is bad or if the mixing time is not sufficient, that is the concrete mix or the building mortar has to be qualitatively mixed up to get homogeneous weight through all volume. It is not possible to receive qualitative concrete mix without qualitative concrete mixing equipment. The mixing quality, so also quality of the ready concrete mix, depends directly on the concrete mixer's design. The rotary activator has ten adjustable blades. The blades mix crushed stone, sand, cement and water, creating a homogeneous mix. The ready mix is fed in the box being under it or the reception hopper of the mix handling device through the hole of the sector gate. Then the cycle repeats.

Applying the concrete mixer SACUT 750 TURBO as a part of concrete plant or production shop, working in both automatic and manual mode, the holes are made on the upper cover of the concrete mixer to connect the concrete mixer with batchers and conveying devices.

The supermobile concrete plant MOBILBETON 15/750 by the production of machine building enterprise "Stroymechanika" is equipped with a forced - action concrete mixer SCAUT 750 TURBO. As a part of the mobile concrete plant eth concrete mixer reacts both a mixing device and a batching device. In this case the concrete mixer is installed on load cells connecting it with general frame of the plant.

The forced-action concrete mixers of "SCAUT" series are applied for the production of high-slump concretes and rigid concretes, as well as for the production of light-weight and concretes with agents. The good mixing quality, high universality, production of high-slump concrete low-slump concrete mixes as well as dry forming compounds, rather high reliability and short mixing period make this concrete mixers as the most popular concrete mixing machines.

The mechanism of ready mix unloading includes a sector gate actuated manually and with help of pneumatic drive. The hydraulic or electro-mechanic drive can be also installed.

The competitive advantages of concrete mixer SCAUT 750 TURBO:

  • The hard-alloyed welding of working blades of the concrete mixer extends significantly the life period of the equipment at operation with abrasive components of the mix.
  • Activator's drive, installed in eth bottom of the concrete mixer make more easily the loading and maintenance of the concrete mixer.
  • The convenient bottom selector gate applied as a part of the concrete mixer SCAUT 750 TURBO, provides the quick and full unloading of the machine.
  • High mixing quality, sufficiently for the production of all traditional cement construction materials.
  • Movable covers of the concrete mixer's bowl preventing the spilling of the mix at mixing, make the maintenance of the unit convenient and safety.
  • Concrete mixer SCAUT 750 TURBO operates as in the closed shops and open building areas. Small weight and compact overall dimensions of the concrete mixer allows to work with it too close to the place of concrete or building mortar application.
  • Forced-action concrete mixer SCAUT 750 TURBO are supplied fully ready for operation, with grease filled, and set clearances of working blades.
  • The electric board with control panel of the concrete mixer in the standard set make possible to begin to work just after the concrete mixer has been installed on the production area.
  • Application of qualitative and reliable gear motor by the production of  (MOTOVARIO, Italy) company as a drive.

Technical characteristics

Volume of mixer's tank, l 1000
Volume of ready batch, l 750
Capacity, m³/h:
- at manual loading
- at automatic loading
Time of one batch, sec 40
Concrete production cycle, min 2-3
Activator's rotation frequency, rev/min 50-60*
Maximum possible torque moment, N×m 1700
Installed capacity, kW 15
Power tension, V 380
Loading distance, mm 1600
Overall dimensions (L×W×H), mm 1720×1720×1600
Weight, kg 950
* depending on gear motor installed

Overall dimensions

Optional equipment


Chemical agents

At quality-price ratio the concrete mixers of "SCAUT" series are the most competitive on the Russian market of the mixing equipment.


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